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Footnote Podiatry's Footcare FAQ

At Footnote Podiatry, we understand the importance of maintaining healthy and comfortable feet.

Our FAQ page addresses common questions related to footcare. You will also find valuable information about our footcare services and expertise.

  • Do you offer home visits, and how much do they cost?
    Yes, home visits for routine podiatry treatment are available. The initial home visit, including pre-screening and full treatment, starts at £45. Follow-up podiatry visits for routine care are priced at £40. Additional charges may apply for visits outside of central Gloucester.
  • Does Footnote Podiatry offer specialised treatments for verrucae?
    Yes, Footnote Podiatry offers specialised treatments for verrucae, including Verrutop Verruca Treatment, at £145 for 4 sessions or £40 per treatment. Falkner's needling, a one-off treatment with high success rates, is available for £175. Nail surgery for ingrowing toenails is also offered, starting at £295.
  • How experienced is the podiatrist, Liz, at Footnote Podiatry?
    Liz, the podiatrist at Footnote Podiatry, has over 10 years of professional experience. She is HCPC-registered and holds a BSc (Hons) in podiatric medicine. Liz has worked in both the NHS and private sector, specialising in various foot treatments.
  • What services does Footnote Podiatry offer?
    Footnote Podiatry provides a range of podiatric services, including diabetic foot care, basic nail care, callus and corn removal, ingrowing toenail management, thickened or fungal nail treatment, verruca treatment, footwear advice, and nail surgery.
  • What is the cost of standard podiatry appointments at Footnote Podiatry?
    The initial consultation and treatment are priced at £45, covering medical history, assessments, and treatment. Follow-up consultations for regular maintenance are £40. Luxury podiatry treatment, offering additional care, is available for £75.
  • Can the NHS refer you to a podiatrist?
    Yes, the NHS can refer you to a podiatrist. If you're experiencing foot or lower-limb issues, your GP can assess your condition and, if necessary, refer you to a podiatrist for further evaluation and treatment.
  • Can you get free podiatry on the NHS?
    Regarding free podiatry on the NHS, it depends on your specific situation. Generally, if your foot or lower limb condition is deemed necessary for treatment, the NHS may provide free podiatry services. However, it's essential to consult with your GP to determine your eligibility and discuss the available options for your particular case.

Are your feet causing you pain? Footnote Podiatry can help! 

Whether you have tough-to-cut toenails, thickened nails, or ingrown toenails, we have got the solution for you. Don't wait—call Footnote Podiatry today for healthier, happier feet.

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