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Toenail Removal in Gloucester

At Footnote Podiatry, our HCPC registered podiatrists provide toenail removal services in Gloucester. With our qualified staff, you can trust that you are in good hands for toenail surgery.

Whether it's for medical reasons or cosmetic purposes, we are dedicated to providing the best possible care for our patients.

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Do you have painful, ingrowing, or infected toenails?

Toenail issues can have a negative impact on your well-being, making walking or wearing shoes unbearable. Despite trying various treatments, you may only find temporary relief.

Consider toenail removal for a permanent fix. It frees you from pain and discomfort, allowing you to engage in activities without restrictions. Say goodbye to the cycle of temporary remedies and regain your comfort and confidence. Don't let toenail issues dictate your life; opt for toenail removal.

What is toenail surgery?

Getting toenail surgery, also known as ingrown nail removal, means taking out part or the whole toenail. People usually do this because of an ingrown toenail causing pain or if the toenail is persistently painful or damaged.


Your toe is numbed with an anaesthetic, then cleaned with a solution. After applying a tourniquet, they remove the problematic part of the nail.

Healing usually takes about 6–8 weeks, but in some cases, it might stretch to 12 weeks. Before the procedure, you'll have an assessment to see if you're a good fit and to discuss the right treatment plan for you. We will also discuss the benefits and risks.

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Ingrowing Toe Nail Procedures in Gloucester: Nail Surgery

One Toe

Permanent removal of either one or both sides of the nail, or the entire toenail, of one toe.

Price: £295

Follow-up: Includes a telephone follow-up appointment 2-3 days later for dressing instructions and 2 follow-up appointments in the clinic.

Two Toes

Permanent removal of either one or both sides of the nails, or the entire nails, of two toes.

Price: £340

Follow-up: Includes a telephone follow-up appointment 2-3 days later for dressing instructions and 2 follow-up appointments in the clinic.

Additional Dressings

Price: £5 (Additional pack of 20 dressings.)

"Liz came out to us at home and did a great job sorting out mine and my husband’s feet; only a brave person would tackle his feet. She gave us lots of advice and definitely had Liz back. 

- Colleen via Google

Risks and Benefits of Nail Surgery

Risks of the procedure

  • There is a small risk of regrowth of the nail that is removed.

  • There is a small risk of infection while the nail bed is healing; a cleaning solution and dressings will be provided to help prevent this.

  • The remaining nail may be weakened as a result of the procedure, so you will need to be careful of it for some time after the procedure is carried out.

  • There is a small risk of reaction to local anaesthetics.

Benefits of the Procedure

  • The nail will be free from pain, odour, and infection once the site has fully healed.

  • There will be a better choice of shoes after the procedure is done.

  • There will be a better appearance to the nail once the procedure has been completed and healed.

General information about the procedure

  • You will not be able to drive for up to 24 hours after the procedure due to the anaesthesia; please arrange for a lift or taxi home from the procedure.

  • Do not walk, ride a bike, take the bus, or ride a scooter home from the procedure; this may cause bleeding from the toe.

  • Please avoid other anaesthetics. 24 hours before or after the procedure is carried out.

  • You will need the day of the procedure off work or school; it is up to you if you return the next day, although there will be a bulky dressing on the toe, which may make some footwear uncomfortable.

How to prepare

  • Make sure that there is no nail polish on the toe or toes that you are having during the procedure when you attend.

  • Make sure that you have had something to eat or drink before you attend your appointment.

  • Avoid alcohol and aspirin on the day of your appointment.

  • Bring or wear comfortable shoes with either open toes or plenty of space in the toe area; this is to make room for the dressing.

  • Take any usual medication as prescribed.

Tired of painful toenails? Call Footnote Podiatry for toenail removal surgery!

Whether its ingrown toenails or stubborn fungal issues, we offer expert services for relief. Call us to book a consultation.

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