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Heel bone spur therapy by shock wave

Corn Removal in Gloucester

Footnote Podiatry has over 10 years of experience in the treatment and management of corns, calluses, and hard skin.

We provide effective and comfortable solutions for these common foot issues. Trust Footnote Podiatry to offer professional and personalised care for corn removal in Gloucester.

Qualified Staff

Years of Experience

Evening Appointments Available

Are you dealing with painful corns on your feet?

Tired of trying home remedies that don't work? It might be time for professional corn removal. Corns, caused by pressure or friction, can make walking painful. Ill-fitting shoes or high heels often contribute.

We carefully remove the hardened skin, giving you relief and the freedom to walk comfortably.

Are corns making every step painful?

Corns can cause discomfort and pain, making it difficult to walk and move around. Don't let corn slow you down any longer.

Don't wait until the pain gets worse; take action now and regain your comfort and mobility.

Initial consultation and treatment £45

This includes medical history taking, screening for reduction in blood flow or feeling to the feet (or a diabetic foot assessment), and a treatment of the problem that you attend with plus any other treatments noted (e.g. corn treatment, callus reduction, nail care)

Follow up consultation and treatment £40

Regular maintenance of corns and callus, nail care, thickened nail management

Home visits

Home visits are available for routine podiatry treatment only (e.g. nail care, corn and callus care)

"Liz came out to us at home and did a great job sorting out mine and my husband’s feet; only a brave person would tackle his feet. She gave us lots of advice and definitely had Liz back. 

- Colleen via Google

Say goodbye to corns and calluses with Footnote Podiatry

Are painful corns and calluses making it difficult to walk comfortably? Don't suffer any longer.


Footnote Podiatry provides effective corn removal and callus treatment.


Say hello to smoother, pain-free feet by scheduling an appointment today!

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