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Verruca Treatment in Gloucester 

Footnote Podiatry has over 10 years of experience and is HCPC registered. We provide the best verruca treatment in Gloucester.


Our podiatrists offer personalised options for effective treatment, including verrutop and verruca needling, and prevention advice. Trust Footnote Podiatry for professional and reliable verruca treatment.

Qualified Staff

Years of Experience

Evening Appointments Available

Tired of Verrucas?

Traditional treatments not working? Discover our solution for lasting relief. Avoiding activities due to verrucas? Over-the-counter treatments frustrating? Our proven verruca treatment targets and eliminates the root of the problem. Say goodbye to verruca inconvenience and regain confidence with our effective treatment.

What is a Verruca?

A verruca, also known as a wart, is a common viral skin infection caused by the HPV virus. It's not a sign of poor health or a weak immune system.


While having a verruca isn't a problem itself, they can become painful, last for years, and spread. If you find them bothersome, active treatment is available at Footnote Podiatry.

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Pricing: Verruca Removal and Wart Removal

Verrutop (Nitrizinc Complex)

Topical treatment is applied every 1-2 weeks for up to 6 sessions. It aims to 'dry' the superficial layers of the skin to change the protein structures of the verruca.


  • Per Verrutop treatment: £40

  • Block of 4 treatments: £145 (save up to £20)

Verruca Needling

Highly effective treatment for verruca removal, usually a one-off session. It involves numbing the foot with a local anaesthetic and using a sterile needle to rupture the infected tissue.


  • Verruca needling session: £175 (includes 2 follow-up appointments)

"I went to Liz for a verruca treatment; it was a lovely visit. Liz was very professional and made me feel comfortable. I will recommend it to all my friends. 

- Sophie via Google

Stop suffering with painful verrucas! Get effective verruca treatment at Footnote Podiatry today!

Footnote Podiatry offers professional and effective verruca treatment to help you get rid of these pesky warts for good. 

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