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A woman performing podiatry on a girl's foot (close up)

Thickened Toenails Treatment in Gloucester

At Footnote Podiatry, our qualified podiatrist is here to provide treatment for thickened toenails. We also offer fingernail cutting as an add-on service for home visits.

Regular appointments are available to ensure ongoing care and maintenance.

Say goodbye to foot discomfort and trust Footnote Podiatry for all your foot care needs.

Qualified Staff

Years of Experience

Evening Appointments Available

Do your toenails feel thicker than normal?

Our expert foot care services, provided by experienced podiatrists, offer effective management for thick nails. Restore comfort and confidence in your steps with our tailored treatments. Say goodbye to thickened toenails and hello to happy feet!

Are you tired of dealing with thickened toenails?

Don't wait until it becomes a real pain! At Footnote Podiatry, we understand the frustration of neglected toenails and the discomfort they can cause.


Don't let toenail troubles slow you down. Reach out to Footnote Podiatry today and step into a world of comfort and confidence. Your feet will thank you!

podologist gives a medical treatment at home

Nail Care Pricing

Thickened Nail Treatment

Routine podiatry appointment: £40

Includes thickened nail management as part of regular maintenance.

Ingrown Toenail Treatment

Nail Surgery: Starting from £295

Permanent removal of ingrown toenail under local anaesthetic.

"Our daughter has had problems with both big toe nails for many years and has lost 2 sets over the last 2 years, with the 3rd growing but looking unhealthy. Liz came out for an initial assessment and has transformed both nails and given sensible advice for maintaining their condition. 

- John via Google

Dealing with thickened toenails?

Our expert foot care services offer effective management for thick nails. Schedule your appointment now and take the first step towards healthier, happier feet!

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