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Athlete's Foot Treatment in Gloucester

At Footnote Podiatry (HCPC registered), we prioritise the health of your feet with over 10 years of experience.

Our foot health services include pedicures, athlete foot treatment, and fungal nail treatment. Trust us to keep your feet healthy and happy.

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Why Treat Athlete's Foot?

Tired of itching, burning, and discomfort from athlete's foot? Over-the-counter fixes only give temporary relief. Take control of your foot health for lasting relief.


Athlete's foot is a common fungal infection causing itching, burning, and peeling skin. Untreated, it can worsen and spread.

Over-the-counter treatments may improve appearance without treating directly treating the problem ease symptoms briefly, but the fungus often returns.

Professional treatment targets the root cause with stronger antifungal medications. Say goodbye to athlete's foot and hello to happier, healthier feet.

Fungal Nail and Athlete's Foot Treatment

The cost may vary depending on the severity of the fungal infection and the specific treatment required.


In some cases, nail fenestration may be recommended. Nail fenestration is drilling small holes into the nail so that topical solutions can get to the root of the problem and allow fungal nails to grow out with appropriate treatment, without the need for oral medication.

The problem with over-the-counter treatments for fungal nails is that they aren't penetrating the nails, rather sitting on top - which isn't where the fungal spores are thriving. In order to successfully treat a fungal infection, you need to access all of the fungal spores.

A useful side effect of nail fenestration is that it also manually disrupts fungal growth which can help with treatment.

For pricing information and to discuss the best treatment options for fungal nails and athlete's foot, please get in touch. We'll be happy to assist you with any inquiries or appointment bookings.

Don't Let Athlete's Foot Hold You Back

Don't let this pesky problem linger any longer. The longer you wait to seek treatment, the worse it can become.

Take control of your foot health and contact us now to schedule your athlete's foot treatment.

"I would highly recommend Liz to anyone with concerns about their feet. She is very experienced and knowledgeable, giving clear explanations and options for treatment. She is also caring and ensures you feel comfortable and have a good understanding before commencing any treatment." 

- Sophie via Google

Are you tired of dealing with athlete's foot?

Footnote Podiatry has the solution you need. We offer comprehensive athlete's foot treatment, pedicures, and fungal nail treatment services. Don't suffer any longer; call us now and take the first step towards healthier, happier feet.

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